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Zenith® Premium Series

Meet the next generation of operable walls: The Zenith® Premium series introduces a seamless ceiling integration to the streamlined straight down deployment and exceptional acoustical performance of the Zenith® Series. Whether you are expanding or dividing a space, the Zenith Premium will blend effortlessly into its surroundings.

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Zenith® Series

The Zenith® Series surpasses industry expectations. Zenith has the vertical innovation and acoustical elements found in the Classic™ Series, but with a straight down deployment. The fully automated operable wall combines functionality with aesthetic appeal to help you create a unique space. Zenith movable walls are ideal for areas with limited space, like offices and classrooms. The Zenith features Skyfold’s widest range of STC (RW) ratings to suit your acoustic needs.

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Classic™ Series

The original Skyfold wall. Easy to use and fully automatic, the Classic™ Series offers state-of-the-art acoustics ranging from STC 51 to 60 (RW 51 to 59) and innovative partition panels that fold vertically in an accordion style, as opposed to Zenith and Zenith Premium’s narrow path of travel. This folding method allows for the Classic to fit in rooms with tall ceilings, such as conference rooms, auditoriums, hotel ballrooms, gymnasiums and convention centers.

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Let the light shine in with Skyfold Mirage®. Skyfold’s glass partition gives your space a clean and modern look while taking advantage of your space’s natural light. To ensure user comfort, Skyfold Mirage comes in an STC 33 (RW 33).

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